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Dick is actually Dave.

But he grew up around Richards.


Sometime in 2016,

Dave 's wife introduced him to essential oils while the two were living in a small beach community in sunny San Diego. Intrigued, he did some research, stumbled upon Eastern Medicine, and discovered the healing power of plants. Eureka!


As a lover of body products that made him look, feel, and smell really good, Dave was shocked to learn most of the brands he had been using all his life contained harsh chemicals like ethanol, formaldehyde, and aluminum. Not cool, dude!

Determined to make a lifestyle change, he started shopping for all-natural products that were better for his body. He found lots of brands geared towards women, but hardly anything geared towards men. What the heck! 


At this point, Dave took matters into his own hands and started experimenting with plant-based ingredients on his own. He was determined to create a formula that could moisturize his skin, tame his beard, and make him smell good for his gal.


After many months, a career change, and a move to The Biggest Little City in the World, the perfect product was finally born. Dave started selling his all-purpose "Men's Body Oil" at local farmers markets. To his delight, everyone loved Dick's.


The name "Dick" is a tribute to Dave's brother and dad. They are both named Richard, and they both hate the name Dick. 



Create forward thinking body products that are plant-based, fun to use, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

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